Volleybat Defined

vol·ley ·bat  \ˈvä-lē bat\

noun, often attributive


Perhaps the best game ever invented, as made famous at Camp Menorah. Played primarily in Upper Field by two teams who try to score runs by hitting a volley ball with a bat and then running around the bases without being called out. If the volley ball is hit over the fence, it’s a home run. If it touches the trees, it’s a foul. If it’s caught, it’s an out.

Examples of volley bat

  • I can’t wait to play volleybat during upper field tomorrow, it’s my favorite game!
  • He hit the ball over the fence during a game of volleybat today, and ran the bases with his friends cheering him on.

Origin of volley bat

  • First known usage ca. 1970 at Camp Menorah, Essex, MA.
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